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A Ticket Too Far

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Joe Armstrong A Ticket Too FarShort film
Premiere: 29 July 2006 at the Rushes Soho Short Film Festival

Where to find:
Watch the whole film on Vimeo courtesy of director of photography Adnan Hemani
Watch a short clip at the website of composer Mark Revell

Role: Ray

Also starring: Mark Gatiss as Marshall; Alun Armstrong as Dad

Directed by: Paul Monaghan

Ray prepares for his first day as a traffic warden - one of the most hated officials on the planet. His Dad is mortified by his son's career choice and worries they'll have to move out of the neighourhood just when he's finished the garden to his liking. Fortunately, after a day of training with the Marshall, another career opportunity comes Ray's way.



Short film from the Coming Up series
Original airdate: 4 September 2006 on Channel 4

Where to find: Watch on Lindy Heymann's Vimeo channel

SERVICE from Lindy Heymann on Vimeo.

Role: Danny

Also starring: Beverly Rudd as Dawn; Matthew Marsh as Councillor Reg Merrion

Directed by: Lindy Heymann

**Summary contains spoilers**

"In the middle of the night in a motorway service station in the middle of nowhere, a nondescript group are going about their business. New contract cleaner Danny and shop assistant Dawn speculate about what everyone else is doing there. A Rolls Royce pulls up and Councillor Reg Merrion strides out for a full-English. As he takes his seat, a nervous man begs him to reconsider a bribe he refused from a building contractor. Merrion refuses, setting in train a sequence of events that links together all the lonely people in the service station to pull off an efficient piece of contract work - in which Danny cleans up... literally." - Summary from Channel 4oD

Joe Armstrong Service